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Quo vado? (IT 2016)

Der Vollposten (DE 2016)

Genre      Comedy
Regie    Gennaro Nunziante ... 
Buch    Checco Zalone ... 
Gennaro Nunziante ... 
Darsteller    Checco Zalone ... Checco
Eleonora Giovanardi ... Benji
Sonia Bergamasco ... 
Maurizio Micheli ... 
Studio    Medusa Film ... 
Taodue Film ... 
Agent KarlOtto
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09.07.2017 11:49 Uhr
Sehr oft und sehr viel gelacht.

Der Film ähnelt vom Humor dem Film "Willkommen bei den Schits".

Super geeignet für einen DVD Abend.
13.09.2016 17:04 Uhr / Wertung: 0
Produced by Berlusconi's Mediaset it's a farce about lazy corrupt Italian state officials, in a very aggressive way. It's almost the "Jud Suess" of Italy to help getting rid of state official privileges.

The main actor tries to mimic Adriano Celentano, but Celentano is a upstanding uncorrupt green party supporter, who never would have taken part in such a propaganda piece.
On the surface the unlikable mama boy tries to connect with the audience by telling his story, how the bad new superior tries to clean up the number of country officials and he is the sole resisting. She sends him to various unattractive places and he always likes it there.
In the second part he fells in love into an modern Italian woman in the Norwegian welfare state, and finally longs to come back to Italy, as the Norwegians are too unmanly.

2 Meinungen   [Ihre Meinung zu diesem Film]